Honorary Membership: Brian Byrne

Sunday 20/07/14 was the last day of summer professional coaching for our juniors from Ireland’s number 2 squash player Brian Byrne. We are truly grateful for the hard work and commitment Brian gave to our junior players and to show our appreciation we have made him an Honorary member of  Westport Squash Club.



Pictured above is Brian receiving his Honorary membership from the club’s secretary Colin Harrison.

Brian-Byrne-coaching-July-14-003 Brian-Byrne-coaching-July-14-019

The last training/coaching session with Brian Byrne and a group photo after all the juniors were presented with a set of protective sports glasses, from left to right: Travis Harrison, Conor Galvin, Brian Byrne, Conor Walsh, Ray Walsh and Stephen Walsh.

Brian-Byrne-coaching-July-14-005   Travis Harrison            Brian-Byrne-coaching-July-14-012 Conor Galvin

Brian-Byrne-coaching-July-14-008  Conor Walsh             Brian-Byrne-coaching-July-14-009 Ray Walsh

Brian-Byrne-coaching-July-14-007 Stephen Walsh


The professional coaching over the last two months has proved to be very successful and are juniors have progressed to the next level. The coaching will continue in the Autumn as and when it is available to us. Once again a massive thank you to Brian for giving up his spare time at the weekends.